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Rail Transport

At Breeze, we pride ourselves on effectively using all of the options around us in fulfilling our promise of quality service for our customers at the right price. One of the major tools in our logistics arsenal is rail transport, allowing us to reap its many important benefits. Our great relationship with the rail transport industry as well as our staff’s in-depth knowledge of rail’s schedules make the use of rail a perfect fit for the Breeze mentality. The dependability of rail transport is central to our business and ensures that there is nowhere that we won’t go.

Why does Breeze use rail?

1. More Reliable: Rail runs on fixed schedules day-in-day-out , and is rarely affected by weather or traffic, allowing us to guarantee consistency. 

2. Faster: Another benefit of trains being largely unaffected by variable factors means that it is an incredibly fast form of transport.

3. More Environmentally Friendly: Rail transport requires less fuel per ton and produces a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emission, which contributes to our promise of reducing our carbon footprint.

4. More Economical: Trains can carry large volumes over great distances at a cost-effective rate, maximising efficiency and ensuring our customers get the most out of their dollar.

5. Safety: It has been estimated that rail transport is twenty times safer than truck transport, something we ensure by imposing a strict and considered chain of responsibility plan.