NEW: Breeze Logistics has a new distribution facility in Brisbane Queensland!

Our Technology

Knowing that efficiency is the name-of-the-game when it comes to the logistics industry, Breeze Logistics have ensured that they have their own in-house built solutions that revolutionise the transport process. Breeze is committed to ensuring that all of their technological leaps are customer-first, focusing on providing a user-friendly system with in-house IT specialists available for training if needed. Moreover, our staff are constantly being trained and informed of our technological updates, ensuring an efficient and smooth experience.

One of our latest technical feats is the introduction of our Breeze personal online portal system. This integrated and simplified customer experience allows jobs to be easily booked, with immediate access to paperwork. Some of the main benefits of an online portal system are that they allow the customer to have online monitoring of their job, while also providing a clear account of the details of all bookings, ensuring complete accountability.

Some features of our online portal system include:

  • Immediate retrieval of PODs.
  • Online status confirmation.
  • Online job databases.
  • Automated email confirmations.
  • Stock management

Our technical team also aide in our transport and warehouse processes, allowing us to remain up-to-date with industry technology practice, while also innovating to exceed them. Some implemented features include the use of satellite tracking in our trucks, remote temperature tracking and scanning to decrease our overall paper load.

We here at Breeze are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, understanding our important role in environmental sustainability and using managerial and technological techniques to maintain our commitment.

Breeze Logistics is constantly looking to the future to see how we can innovate within the industry and provide our customer with a more well-rounded product.