NEW: Breeze Logistics has a new distribution facility in Brisbane Queensland!

Refrigerated Transport & Storage Experts

Breeze Logistics can handle all your refrigerated transport, storage & distribution needs locally (Melbourne) and all over Australia!

We conduct jobs of any size, utilising a variety of refrigerated transport options (trucks, rail, etc.) and maintaining a large refrigerated warehouse that can take both pallets and cartons. In simple terms, we operate like the Australia Post of the food industry. We transport products range however from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals with some of our current clients include government and medical departments, wholesalers, distributors & retailers. With our dedicated, highly trained staff and state-of-the-art logistics technology, we can provide you with high-quality services and reliable end-to-end communication that ensure our customer gets the best value for their dollar.

What makes Breeze the best?

  • We are committed to sustainable, environmentally conscious business practices.
  • We are Australia-wide with a recent establishment of a new distribution facility in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • We are a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience.
  • We also use our wealth of business acumen to provide professional strategy consulting.

What transport temperature ranges are available?

  • Dry Transport (products that do not need to be refrigerated or kept frozen)
  • Controlled Environment Transport (temperature-controlled - suitable for confectionery, film, medical supplies etc.)
  • Refrigerated Transport (chilled products such as dairy products, seafood & meat etc.)
  • Frozen Transport (frozen products including fish, ice-cream etc.)
  • We have a particular expertise in the storage and delivery of vegan and health products (kombucha, coconut cheese, etc.).

What services can we offer?

  • Palletized distribution at any quantity.
  • Same day delivery available for high-priority products.
  • Next day delivery available for a more flexible price option.
  • A host of cold storage options.

Our services can be customized to suit the needs of individual clients.

With a high respect for our customers and a commitment to reliable efficiency, you can trust that we will be on-time and on-temperature, making all of your refrigerated logistics needs a “Breeze”.