NEW: Breeze Logistics has a new distribution facility in Brisbane Queensland!


ATTENTION 19/01: Breeze Logistics is rolling out a new online job entry system. It is currently live and will replace the current consignment note entry system in the near future.

Our customers may have already or will in the coming days, receive an email in regards to this new system along with a user guide and information on how to make an appointment for over the phone training with one of our support staff.

The new website is:

Note: Some customers may not know their username and password, but will receive an email with further instructions shortly.

A copy of the user guide can be found here:

Please contact:

For any questions, queries or issues you have with the system and our support team will help you out as soon as possible.

Our online document management system is the place to find all the important documents that you will need when doing business with Breeze Logistics. To download a document click on any of the document titles below (please remember to check back here for the latest documents before submitting them to us).

TitleSizeModified Date
Prepaid / COD Online order form729.65 KB1/03/2021
Credit Application128.10 KB25/07/2011
Where We Go & What We Do153.15 KB25/07/2011
Storage - Terms & Conditions632.46 KB1/12/2023
Transport - Terms & Conditions35.43 KB25/07/2011
Cold Store Release Form77.35 KB25/07/2011
HACCP Consignment Rejection Authority Form54.80 KB25/07/2011
HACCP Non-Conformance Pick-Up Waiver32.46 KB25/07/2011