NEW: Breeze Logistics has a new distribution facility in Brisbane Queensland!



Controlled Storage

With our large 4000+ pallet storage facilities Breeze Logistics is able to provide clients with customized controlled environment storage to suit individual client needs.

The operating temperatures for our facilities allows the storage of all types of controlled temperatures including the storing of products such as confectionery, medical supplies and other refined products. Breeze Logistics is the perfect business partner as all our experienced staff are highly trained to ensure that your stock stays at the correct temperature at all times.

Specialized controlled environment storage services include:

  • Palletized storage - short or long term
  • Carton picking
  • Container de-stuffing / loading
  • Cross docking facilities

Controlled environment storage is perfect for:

  • Confectionery
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Beverages / Wines
  • Imported & Manufactured Goods

To find out more about Breeze Logistics controlled environment storage services or to find out how we can integrate it with our controlled environment transport services to help you maintain the highest quality product please contact us.