NEW: Breeze Logistics has a new distribution facility in Brisbane Queensland!



Controlled Transport

Breeze Logistics has both the technology and knowledge which enables us to provide customized controlled environment transport services to suit individual client needs. Controlled environment transport is a very important part of our business and it is a service that most other transport companies are unable to offer.

Using the latest in environmental controls & advanced satellite tracking systems allows Breeze Logistics to transport delicate items including film & chocolates while maintaining the correct temperature levels which ensures your products stay at their optimal temperature.

Some of the stock our clients use our controlled environment transport services include:

  • Confectionery
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Beverages / Wine
  • Imported & Manufactured Goods
  • Film
Whether you're looking for controlled environment transport services around the Melbourne metro area (local transport) or you require our Australia wide transport services (interstate transport) Breeze Logistics can handle all of your needs either by individual carton or larger quantities including pallets.

To find out more about controlled environment transport or to enquire about combining this service with our controlled environment storage services to give you an advantage over your competitors please contact Breeze Logistics.